Best non veg restaurants in anna nagar chennai

Anna Nagar, a bustling neighborhood in Chennai, is not only known for its vibrant atmosphere but also for its diverse and delectable culinary scene. If you’re a non-vegetarian food enthusiast, Anna Nagar has a plethora of options to tantalize your taste buds. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the best non-vegetarian restaurants in Anna Nagar, each offering a unique gastronomic experience that reflects the rich tapestry of flavors that the city has to offer.

1. Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani

Location: AC-15, Shanthi Colony, 4th Avenue, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: South Indian, Biryani

Why Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani: Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani is synonymous with aromatic and flavorful biryanis. Originating from Dindigul in Tamil Nadu, this restaurant has gained a reputation for its Dum Biryani, especially the mutton variant. The succulent pieces of meat, fragrant basmati rice, and signature spices create a biryani experience that’s a must-try for any non-vegetarian food lover.

2. The Flying Elephant – Park Hyatt

Location: 39, Velachery Main Road, Velachery

Cuisine: Multi-Cuisine, North Indian, South Indian

Why The Flying Elephant: While not directly in Anna Nagar, The Flying Elephant is worth the short drive for its extravagant dining experience. This restaurant, located in Park Hyatt Chennai, offers a diverse range of cuisines. The extensive non-vegetarian menu includes delicacies like Grilled Lamb Chops, Prawn Tandoori, and a variety of kebabs. The plush ambiance and live counters make it an ideal spot for a special celebration.

3. Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess

Location: 95, W Block, 2nd Street, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian

Why Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess: For an authentic Chettinad dining experience, Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess stands out in Anna Nagar. Known for its bold flavors and aromatic spices, this mess offers a range of non-vegetarian dishes such as Chettinad Chicken Curry, Mutton Chukka, and Fish Fry. The no-frills ambiance adds to the authenticity of the dining experience.

4. The Marina

Location: 43, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: Seafood, Chettinad, South Indian

Why The Marina: As the name suggests, The Marina brings the flavors of Chennai’s coastline to Anna Nagar. Specializing in seafood, this restaurant offers a variety of fish, crab, and prawn dishes. The Chettinad Fish Curry and Crab Roast are highlights that showcase the restaurant’s commitment to fresh and flavorful seafood.

5. Absolute Barbecues

Location: 4th Floor, VR Chennai, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: Barbecue, North Indian, Asian

Why Absolute Barbecues: Absolute Barbecues, or AB’s, is a haven for barbecue enthusiasts. While it’s a chain with a presence in multiple locations, the Anna Nagar outlet is a popular choice for meat lovers. The live grills on each table offer a hands-on dining experience. The unlimited kebabs and grills, including options like Chicken Tangdi and Mutton Seekh Kebab, make it a favorite among those who enjoy a feast.

6. Thalappakatti Biriyani

Location: AC-127, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: South Indian, Biryani

Why Thalappakatti Biriyani: Another gem from the Thalappakatti family, this outlet in Anna Nagar offers the signature Dum Biryani that has made the brand famous. The aromatic rice, tender meat, and the secret blend of spices create a biryani that’s a delight for the senses. The restaurant’s focus on authenticity and quality has made it a go-to spot for biryani enthusiasts.

7. Sigree Global Grill

Location: 3rd Floor, Ampa Skywalk Mall, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai

Cuisine: Barbecue, North Indian, Mediterranean

Why Sigree Global Grill: Though technically in Aminjikarai, Sigree Global Grill is worth mentioning for its expansive and diverse buffet. The restaurant offers a range of non-vegetarian options, including an array of kebabs, grills, and main courses. The live counters and global influences make it a favorite for those who enjoy variety in their dining experience.

8. Mathura’s

Location: 8, AC Block, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: North Indian, Mughlai

Why Mathura’s: Mathura’s brings the rich flavors of North Indian and Mughlai cuisine to Anna Nagar. Known for its creamy curries, succulent kebabs, and aromatic biryanis, this restaurant is a favorite among those who crave the hearty and robust flavors of the North. The Chicken Korma and Mutton Biryani are must-try dishes.

9. Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant

Location: AC-15, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian

Why Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant: Anjappar is a renowned name when it comes to Chettinad cuisine. With its roots in Chettinad, this restaurant brings the authentic flavors of the region to Anna Nagar. The Chettinad Chicken Curry, Mutton Chukka, and Crab Masala are dishes that showcase the restaurant’s expertise in blending spices and creating bold, flavorful dishes.

10. Karim’s Biryani

Location: AC Block, 12th Main Road, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: North Indian, Biryani

Why Karim’s Biryani: Karim’s Biryani, with its roots in Old Delhi, has made a mark in Chennai with its flavorful biryanis. The restaurant’s focus on quality meat and aromatic spices creates a biryani that’s both satisfying and memorable. The Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani are favorites among regular patrons.

11. Thattu Kadai

Location: 29, AC Block, 2nd Street, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: South Indian, Biryani

Why Thattu Kadai: For a taste of authentic South Indian biryani, Thattu Kadai in Anna Nagar is a hidden gem. The biryanis are cooked to perfection, with each grain of rice infused with flavorful spices. The Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani, served with traditional accompaniments, offer a delightful dining experience.

12. Dhaba – Estd 1986 Delhi

Location: 48/1, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar

Cuisine: North Indian, Punjabi

Why Dhaba: Dhaba brings the rustic charm of a Punjabi roadside eatery to Anna Nagar. The restaurant’s vibrant ambiance and hearty dishes make it a favorite among those who enjoy the bold flavors of North Indian cuisine. The Butter Chicken and Amritsari Fish are standout dishes that capture the essence of Dhaba-style cooking.

Conclusion: A Gastronomic Journey in Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar, with its diverse culinary offerings, is a paradise for non-vegetarian food enthusiasts. Whether you’re craving the aromatic biryanis, succulent kebabs, or bold flavors of Chettinad cuisine, the restaurants in this guide cater to a variety of tastes. From casual eateries to upscale dining establishments, Anna Nagar invites you on a gastronomic journey that promises to be nothing short of delightful. So, gather your fellow food enthusiasts, explore the vibrant streets, and savor the culinary delights that make Anna Nagar a haven for non-vegetarian food lovers in Chennai.