how to book platform ticket online

Platform tickets are your entry pass to witness the hustle and bustle of railway platforms without actually boarding a train. In the digital age, booking platform tickets online offers convenience and efficiency. This detailed guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you seamlessly secure your platform ticket for an upcoming railway station visit.

1. Choose the Official Railway Booking Platform: A Trustworthy Start

Why Choose Official Platforms?

  • Opt for the official website or mobile app of the railway authority for a secure and reliable booking experience.

Indian Railways Official Website or App:

  • Visit the official Indian Railways website ( or use the IRCTC mobile app available on iOS and Android platforms.

2. Create or Log in to Your Account: A Digital Passport

Account Creation:

  • If you don’t have an account, sign up by providing your details. If you already have one, log in to proceed.

Details Required:

  • Prepare basic information such as your name, email address, and mobile number for account creation.

3. Select the “Book Platform Ticket” Option: Navigating the Interface

Locating the Option:

  • On the IRCTC website or app, find the “Book Platform Ticket” or similar option on the main menu.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • The interface is designed to be user-friendly, with clear sections guiding you through the booking process.

4. Enter Station Details: Pinpoint Your Platform Visit

Selecting the Station:

  • Choose the railway station where you intend to purchase a platform ticket.

Date and Time:

  • Specify the date and time of your visit. Some platforms may also allow you to select a time slot.

5. Number of Tickets: Tailor to Your Group Size

Single or Multiple Tickets:

  • Indicate the number of platform tickets you wish to purchase. If you’re visiting with others, adjust the quantity accordingly.

Pricing Information:

  • The platform ticket prices are typically displayed on the booking interface.

6. Review Ticket Details: Confirming Your Selection

Ticket Summary:

  • Review the details of your platform ticket booking, including the station, date, time, and quantity.

Price Breakdown:

  • Check the total amount and ensure it aligns with the pricing information provided.

7. Add to Cart and Proceed to Payment: Secure Your Spot

Adding to Cart:

  • Click on “Add to Cart” to secure your platform ticket. This action takes you to the payment section.

Payment Options:

  • Choose your preferred payment method—options often include credit/debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets.

8. Make Payment Securely: Guarding Your Transactions

Secure Payment Gateway:

  • Ensure that the payment gateway is secure (look for ‘https’ in the URL) to protect your financial information.

Verify Details:

  • Double-check your payment details before confirming the transaction.

9. Receive Confirmation: Your Digital Ticket

Confirmation Email/SMS:

  • After successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email or SMS with the details of your platform ticket.

Save Confirmation:

  • Save this confirmation for your records. It may be required during your visit to the railway station.

10. Print or Display E-Ticket: Boarding Pass to the Platform

Print Option:

  • If you prefer a physical copy, print your platform ticket. Alternatively, you can display the e-ticket on your mobile device.

Station Entry:

  • At the railway station, proceed to the designated entry point for platform ticket holders. Show your e-ticket for verification.

11. Follow Station Guidelines: A Responsible Visitor

Station Rules:

  • Familiarize yourself with any specific rules or guidelines of the railway station. Follow safety protocols and respect station regulations.

Security Checks:

  • Be prepared for security checks at the station entrance. Avoid carrying prohibited items.

12. Arrive Early: Time to Explore

Early Arrival:

  • Arriving early allows you to explore the platform, witness train arrivals and departures, and soak in the railway station ambiance.

Capture Moments:

  • Take the opportunity to capture memorable moments of the bustling railway station.

13. Exit the Station: Completing Your Visit

Exit Process:

  • When you’re ready to leave, follow the designated exit process for platform ticket holders.


  • Consider providing feedback on the booking process or your station experience if the platform offers a feedback mechanism.

Conclusion: Your Journey to the Platform Awaits

Booking platform tickets online is a straightforward process that enhances your railway station experience. By following these steps, you’ll secure your digital pass to explore the platform, witness trains in action, and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of a railway station. So, gear up for your journey, whether it’s a solo exploration or a group adventure—your platform ticket is your key to the railway world.

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