kozhikode tourist places


Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a city steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty, located on the Malabar Coast of Kerala, India. From its vibrant spice trade legacy to its serene beaches and historic landmarks, Kozhikode offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers. In this detailed guide, we embark on a journey to explore the top tourist places in Kozhikode, unveiling the rich tapestry that makes this city a fascinating destination.

1. Kozhikode Beach

1.1 Overview

Our journey begins with the iconic Kozhikode Beach, a serene stretch of golden sand along the Arabian Sea. This bustling beach is not just a scenic spot but also a hub of cultural and recreational activities.

1.2 Features and Attractions

  • Pier and Lighthouse: Take a stroll along the historic Kozhikode Pier, offering panoramic views of the coastline. The adjacent lighthouse stands as a sentinel, providing a picturesque backdrop for memorable photos.
  • Marine Life Aquarium: Explore the Marine Life Aquarium, located near the beach, showcasing a diverse array of marine species. It’s an educational and entertaining stop, especially for families.
  • Lively Atmosphere: The beach comes alive with street vendors selling local delicacies, art installations, and cultural performances. It’s a perfect place to witness the vibrant local life and indulge in some authentic Malabar cuisine.

2. Mananchira Square and Mananchira Tank

2.1 Overview

Mananchira Square, a historic and cultural hub in Kozhikode, is surrounded by significant landmarks, including the Mananchira Tank. The square serves as a leisure space and a testament to the city’s architectural and cultural heritage.

2.2 Sargaalaya Arts and Crafts Village

  • Artistic Creations: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of arts and crafts at Sargaalaya, located near Mananchira Square. The village showcases traditional and contemporary creations, offering insights into Kerala’s rich artistic traditions.

2.3 Kozhikode Town Hall

  • Architectural Marvel: The Kozhikode Town Hall, located adjacent to Mananchira Square, is an architectural marvel that reflects a blend of British and Dutch influences. The Town Hall hosts cultural events and art exhibitions, adding to the cultural vibrancy of the area.

3. Kappad Beach

3.1 Overview

Kappad Beach, located approximately 16 kilometers from the city center, holds historical significance as the place where Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama first set foot in India in 1498. The beach is not only historically significant but also a serene escape.

3.2 Vasco da Gama Memorial Stone

  • Historical Landmark: The beach features a monument commemorating Vasco da Gama’s arrival. Visitors can explore the memorial stone and soak in the historical significance of the place.
  • Sunset Views: Kappad Beach is renowned for its breathtaking sunset views over the Arabian Sea. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and witness the changing colors of the sky.

4. Thusharagiri Waterfalls

4.1 Overview

For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Thusharagiri Waterfalls, nestled in the Western Ghats, provides a refreshing and picturesque escape. The falls are located around 50 kilometers from Kozhikode.

4.2 Trekking Trails

  • Nature Walks: Thusharagiri offers trekking trails that meander through lush greenery, providing opportunities for nature walks and birdwatching.
  • Waterfall Experience: The waterfalls are a series of cascades, surrounded by dense forests, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a dip in the natural pools formed by the waterfalls.

5. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

5.1 Overview

Located around 19 kilometers from Kozhikode, the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is a haven for birdwatchers. The sanctuary encompasses the Kadalundi River and its estuary, providing a thriving habitat for a variety of bird species.

5.2 Birdwatching Experience

  • Migratory Birds: Kadalundi is home to numerous migratory birds, especially during the winter season. Species such as seagulls, terns, and sandpipers can be observed, making it a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts.
  • Boat Safari: Explore the sanctuary through a boat safari along the Kadalundi River. The serene journey offers glimpses of the diverse birdlife and the scenic beauty of the estuary.

6. Beypore

6.1 Overview

Beypore, located about 11 kilometers south of Kozhikode, is a historic port town known for its ancient shipbuilding industry and cultural heritage. It offers a unique blend of history, craftsmanship, and coastal charm.

6.2 Beypore Beach

  • Shipbuilding Yard: Visit the Beypore Shipbuilding Yard, one of the oldest in Asia. Witness the traditional craftsmanship of building uru, the traditional wooden sailing vessels. Guided tours provide insights into the intricate process.
  • Beypore Beach: Relax at Beypore Beach, known for its picturesque setting and the view of the Arabian Sea. The beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, offering a tranquil escape.

7. Kozhippara Falls

7.1 Overview

Tucked away in the pristine landscapes of the Western Ghats, Kozhippara Falls is a hidden gem, approximately 60 kilometers from Kozhikode. The falls cascade from a height, creating a serene and refreshing environment.

7.2 Offbeat Adventure

  • Trekking and Nature Trails: Reach Kozhippara Falls through trekking trails that lead through thick forests. The journey is an adventure in itself, allowing trekkers to connect with nature and experience the untouched beauty of the Western Ghats.
  • Natural Pool: The base of the falls forms a natural pool, inviting visitors to take a refreshing dip. The cool and crystal-clear waters offer a perfect respite from the tropical heat.

8. Payyoli Beach

8.1 Overview

For those seeking a pristine and less-crowded beach experience, Payyoli Beach, located around 40 kilometers from Kozhikode, is a tranquil retreat. The beach is known for its golden sands and serene ambiance.

8.2 Dolphin’s Point

  • Dolphin Spotting: Payyoli Beach is famous for Dolphin’s Point, where visitors can embark on boat rides to spot playful dolphins in the Arabian Sea. The experience adds a touch of adventure to the beach visit.
  • Coastal Walks: Enjoy leisurely walks along the shoreline, with the sound of waves and the gentle sea breeze creating a peaceful atmosphere. The beach is a perfect spot for a quiet and rejuvenating day by the sea.

9. Mishkal Mosque

9.1 Overview

Mishkal Mosque, located in Kuttichira, is a significant historical and architectural landmark in Kozhikode. The mosque, built in the 14th century, reflects the cultural and religious diversity of the region.

9.2 Architectural Grandeur

  • Wooden Architecture: Mishkal Mosque is known for its impressive wooden architecture, featuring intricately carved pillars, beams, and pulpit. The mosque stands as a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the time.
  • Historical Significance: Explore the historical significance of the mosque, which has witnessed centuries of cultural exchanges and religious practices. The serene ambiance and architectural beauty make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

10. Practical Tips for Exploring Kozhikode

10.1 Transportation

  • Airport and Railway Connectivity: Kozhikode is well-connected by the Calicut International Airport and the Kozhikode Railway Station, facilitating easy access for travelers.
  • Local Transport: Auto-rickshaws and taxis are readily available for local transportation. Public buses also connect various parts of the city and nearby attractions.

10.2 Accommodation

  • Range of Options: Kozhikode offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget guesthouses. The city center and beachside areas are popular choices for staying.
  • Advance Booking: During peak tourist seasons, especially in winter, it is advisable to book accommodations in advance to secure the desired stay.

10.3 Local Cuisine

  • Malabar Cuisine: Indulge in the local Malabar cuisine, known for its rich flavors and use of spices. Try traditional dishes like Malabar Biryani, Pathiri, and seafood specialties.
  • Street Food: Explore the vibrant street food scene, especially around Kozhikode Beach and Mananchira Square. Savor local snacks like Kozhikode Halwa and Banana Chips.

10.4 Climate Considerations

  • Best Time to Visit: The winter months from October to March are considered the best time to visit Kozhikode, with pleasant weather for outdoor activities.
  • Monsoon Precautions: If visiting during the monsoon season (June to September), be prepared for heavy rainfall and plan accordingly, especially for outdoor activities.


Kozhikode, with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, unfolds as a multifaceted destination on the Malabar Coast. From the vibrant Kozhikode Beach to the historical landmarks, each place contributes to the city’s unique charm. Whether you’re exploring the ancient shipbuilding yards of Beypore, trekking to the secluded Kozhippara Falls, or enjoying the tranquility of Payyoli Beach, Kozhikode invites you to immerse yourself in its rich tapestry. So, pack your bags, embrace the warmth of Malabar hospitality, and embark on a journey through the captivating tourist places of Kozhikode.