Jhandi dara sunrise point

Perched atop the scenic hills, Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point offers a breathtaking spectacle as the first rays of the sun gently kiss the landscape awake. Located in the enchanting region of West Bengal, India, this sunrise point is a hidden gem that beckons travelers with its panoramic views and serene ambiance. In this travel guide, let’s embark on a journey to discover the magic of Jhandi Dara, from reaching this vantage point to experiencing the ethereal sunrise.

Getting There:

  1. By Air:
    • The nearest airport to Jhandi Dara is Bagdogra Airport, approximately 100 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or use local transportation to reach the sunrise point.
  2. By Train:
    • The nearest major railway station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP). From NJP, you can hire a taxi or take a shared cab to Kalimpong. Jhandi Dara is approximately 20 kilometers from Kalimpong.
  3. By Road:
    • Jhandi Dara is well-connected by road. Buses and private vehicles ply between Kalimpong and Jhandi Dara. The journey through winding roads offers glimpses of the picturesque landscapes.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point is during the post-monsoon and winter seasons, from October to February. The skies are clear, and the chilly weather enhances the beauty of the sunrise. However, the sunrise point has a unique charm throughout the year, offering different perspectives of the surrounding hills and valleys.


While there might not be specific accommodations at Jhandi Dara, nearby towns like Kalimpong and Lava offer a range of options, including guesthouses, hotels, and resorts. It’s advisable to book your stay in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Journey to Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point:

  1. Kalimpong to Jhandi Dara:
    • The journey from Kalimpong to Jhandi Dara takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours by road. The route is scenic, with winding roads taking you through forests and hills.
  2. Arrival at the Base Point:
    • The road journey leads you to the base point of Jhandi Dara. From here, you might need to trek a short distance to reach the actual viewpoint. The trek is generally easy, and the anticipation builds as you ascend to higher altitudes.

Experiencing the Sunrise:

  1. Early Rise:
    • Set your alarm clock for an early morning rise to ensure you reach the Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point well before dawn. The journey is about witnessing the gradual unveiling of the spectacular landscape.
  2. Pre-dawn Trek:
    • The trek to the sunrise point in the dim light adds to the adventure. Carry a flashlight or headlamp to navigate the trail comfortably.
  3. Choose Your Spot:
    • Jhandi Dara offers multiple vantage points. Choose a spot that provides a clear view of the eastern horizon, where the sun will make its majestic appearance.
  4. Patience is Key:
    • As the sky transitions from darkness to hues of orange and pink, exercise patience. Witness the subtle changes in the landscape as you await the grand spectacle.
  5. Photography Opportunities:
    • Capture the breathtaking moments as the sun rises, casting its golden glow on the hills and valleys. The play of light and shadows creates stunning photographic opportunities.
  6. Reflections and Silhouettes:
    • Depending on the weather conditions, you might witness reflections on nearby water bodies or capture silhouettes of hills against the vibrant sky.

Tips for Travelers:

  1. Dress in Layers:
    • The early morning temperatures can be chilly. Dress in layers to stay warm and comfortable.
  2. Carry Essentials:
    • Pack essentials like water, a light snack, a hat, and sunscreen. The weather can change, so be prepared for varying conditions.
  3. Comfortable Footwear:
    • Wear comfortable trekking shoes or sneakers for the short trek to the viewpoint.
  4. Leave No Trace:
    • Respect the natural environment. Avoid littering and ensure you leave the area as pristine as you found it.
  5. Local Guidance:
    • If you’re unfamiliar with the trekking path, consider hiring a local guide for assistance. They can provide insights into the terrain and ensure a safe journey.
  6. Check Weather Conditions:
    • Before planning your visit, check the weather conditions for clear skies. Cloudy conditions might obstruct the sunrise view.


Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point is not just about witnessing the sunrise; it’s about embracing the tranquility, the anticipation, and the sheer beauty of nature. As the first light of dawn paints the sky, casting its enchantment on the hills, valleys, and forests below, you’ll understand why this vantage point is a cherished destination. So, let the allure of Jhandi Dara beckon you, and allow the magic of dawn to leave an indelible mark on your soul.