trains from indore to pune

Embarking on a train journey from the heart of Madhya Pradesh to Pune is more than a mere transit; it’s an expedition through landscapes, cultures, and the soul of India. If the rhythmic symphony of train wheels beckons you from Indore to Pune, let this guide be your compass through the enchanting rail route.

Choosing the Express Lane:

Indore and Pune are connected by several trains, each offering its unique charm and facilities. Here are some noteworthy options:

  1. Malwa Express (Train Number: 12919/12920): A daily service connecting Indore and Pune, providing both sleeper and AC classes.
  2. Deccan Express (Train Number: 11089/11090): Another daily express train offering a mix of classes, traversing the scenic route between Indore and Pune.
  3. Pune Indore Express (Train Number: 19311/19312): A weekly train, an excellent choice if the schedule aligns with your travel plans.

Classes and Comforts:

Indian trains offer an array of classes to suit different preferences and budgets:

  1. Sleeper Class (SL): The most budget-friendly option, providing comfortable berths for a good night’s sleep.
  2. AC Three-Tier (3A): Air-conditioned coaches with three-tier berths, offering a balance between comfort and cost.
  3. AC Two-Tier (2A): More spacious and private, ideal for those willing to splurge on extra comfort.
  4. First Class (FC): The epitome of luxury, with private cabins and enhanced services.

Departure and Arrival Points:

  • Indore: Depart from Indore Junction (Station Code: INDB), a bustling railway station that connects the city to major destinations.
  • Pune: Trains usually arrive at Pune Junction (Station Code: PUNE), the principal railway station of Pune.

Arrive early at the station to navigate the bustling surroundings and ensure a smooth boarding process.

Onboard Odyssey:

The journey from Indore to Pune unfolds a visual spectacle outside your window. Engage with your fellow travelers, sample local snacks offered by vendors, and witness the changing landscapes as you traverse through the heart of India.

  • Culinary Delights: Most trains have a pantry car or catering service, providing a variety of meals. However, it’s a good idea to carry some snacks and water for the journey.
  • Entertainment: Pack books, music, or games to keep yourself entertained. Some trains offer onboard entertainment systems.
  • Charging Amenities: Ensure your devices are charged, and consider carrying a power bank as charging points may be limited.

Traveler’s Tips:

  1. Book Early: Train tickets, especially on popular routes, can sell out quickly. Secure your tickets in advance.
  2. Check Schedules: Trains may have different schedules on different days, so verify departure and arrival times for your chosen date.
  3. Weather Check: Consider the weather conditions in both Indore and Pune to pack accordingly.
  4. Local Flavors: If time permits during layovers, explore local specialties available at stations en route.