Places near nagpur within 50kms

Nagpur, pulsating with life and history, extends an invitation to explore its enchanting surroundings within a 50 km radius. Buckle up for a day filled with diverse experiences, from cultural immersions to tranquil retreats and wildlife encounters.

1. Khindsi Lake – Tranquility by the Waters

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 40 km

Begin your journey at Khindsi Lake, a serene oasis surrounded by lush greenery. Indulge in a peaceful boat ride, spot migratory birds, or simply unwind by the lake’s tranquil shores.


  • Boat Ride: Glide on the calm waters of Khindsi Lake.
  • Birdwatching: Spot a variety of migratory and local birds.

2. Mansar – Historical Marvels Amidst Nature

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 35 km

Mansar, steeped in history, welcomes you with ancient temples and natural beauty. Explore the intricately carved temples, each telling tales of a bygone era.


  • Temple Exploration: Marvel at the ancient architecture.
  • Nature Walks: Stroll amidst the scenic landscapes.

3. Ramtek – Spiritual Sojourn Amidst Hills

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 45 km

Nestled amidst hills, Ramtek beckons with its spiritual charm. Visit the ancient temples atop the hills, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


  • Temple Visit: Seek tranquility at the ancient shrines.
  • Hilltop Views: Enjoy stunning vistas from the elevated vantage points.

4. Pench National Park – A Date with Wildlife

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 80 km

For a wildlife adventure, head to Pench National Park. Embark on a safari and witness the untamed beauty of nature, from majestic tigers to diverse bird species.


  • Safari Adventure: Spot wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Nature Photography: Capture the essence of the jungle.

5. Khapri – Rural Retreat and Handicrafts

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 20 km

Discover the rustic charm of Khapri, a village known for its handicrafts. Immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with artisans, and shop for authentic handcrafted souvenirs.


  • Artisan Interaction: Witness traditional crafts being crafted.
  • Handicraft Shopping: Take home unique, handmade treasures.

6. Waki Woods – Nature’s Sanctuary

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 40 km

Waki Woods unfolds as a tranquil sanctuary for nature lovers. Explore the lush greenery, unwind on nature trails, and reconnect with the soothing embrace of the outdoors.


  • Nature Trails: Discover hidden paths through the woods.
  • Picnic Spot: Enjoy a peaceful picnic in the lap of nature.

7. Ambakhori – Waterfall Wonderland

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 50 km

Ambakhori, a hidden waterfall gem, offers a refreshing escape. Trek through scenic trails to reach the cascading falls, where you can rejuvenate amidst nature’s splendor.


  • Waterfall Trek: Navigate the trails to the stunning waterfall.
  • Nature’s Shower: Refresh yourself under the cascading waters.

8. Korambi Fort – Historical Hike

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 30 km

History and adventure await at Korambi Fort. Embark on a moderate hike to the fort, relishing the historical tales whispered by the ancient walls.


  • Fort Hike: Trek to the summit for historical views.
  • Photography Delight: Capture the fort’s architectural remnants.

9. Kanhan River – Riverside Retreat

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 15 km

Escape to the tranquility of Kanhan River. Enjoy a leisurely riverside stroll, witness the play of sunlight on the water, and let the gentle breeze soothe your senses.


  • Riverside Walk: Explore the serene riverbanks.
  • Sunset Views: Witness a mesmerizing sunset over the river.

10. Khekranala – Nature’s Symphony

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 50 km

Conclude your day at Khekranala, a nature retreat offering a scenic reservoir. Bask in the serenity, enjoy a picnic, and relish the symphony of nature.


  • Picnic Spot: Unwind by the tranquil reservoir.
  • Nature’s Harmony: Soak in the peaceful ambiance.