top 25 non veg restaurants in bangalore

Bangalore, a city known for its vibrant culture and diverse culinary scene, is a haven for non-vegetarian food enthusiasts. From aromatic biryanis to succulent kebabs and global cuisines, the city offers a plethora of options to satisfy every carnivorous craving. In this guide, we will explore the top non-vegetarian-only restaurants in Bangalore, each contributing a unique flavor to the city’s rich gastronomic tapestry.

1. Toit

Location: 298, Namma Metro Pillar 62, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar

Cuisine: Pub, Brewpub, European

Why Toit: Toit isn’t just a brewery; it’s an experience that seamlessly combines a vibrant ambiance with a diverse non-vegetarian menu. Known for its craft beers, Toit also excels in delivering an array of meaty delights. The Butter Garlic Prawns and Lamb Chops are standouts, showcasing the culinary finesse that has made Toit a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

2. Karavalli

Location: The Gateway Hotel, Residency Road

Cuisine: Coastal, South Indian

Why Karavalli: For an authentic South Indian non-vegetarian experience, Karavalli is unparalleled. Nestled in The Gateway Hotel, Karavalli specializes in coastal cuisine, featuring an array of seafood delights. The Crab Sukka and Meen Pollichathu are exemplary dishes that transport diners to the coastal regions of Karnataka and Kerala.

3. Smoke House Deli

Location: 52, 53, Lavelle Road

Cuisine: European, American, Salad

Why Smoke House Deli: Sophistication meets innovation at Smoke House Deli. While primarily known for its European and American dishes, the non-vegetarian offerings are a delight. The Smoked Lamb Burger and Grilled Salmon showcase a blend of classic dishes with a contemporary twist, making it a favorite among those seeking a refined culinary experience.

4. Truffles – Ice & Spice

Location: Multiple Outlets (St. Marks Road, Kalyan Nagar, and more)

Cuisine: American, Fast Food

Why Truffles: Truffles is a paradise for burger enthusiasts and carnivores. The menu boasts an array of delectable burgers, including the legendary Truffle’s Tenderloin Burger, making it a popular choice among meat lovers. The relaxed ambiance and generous portions make Truffles a favorite among the city’s food enthusiasts.

5. Nagarjuna

Location: 44/1, Residency Road

Cuisine: Andhra, South Indian

Why Nagarjuna: If you’re a spice aficionado, Nagarjuna is your haven. Specializing in Andhra cuisine, the restaurant offers a fiery and flavorful journey through the diverse culinary traditions of the region. The Chicken Biryani and Gongura Chicken are crowd-pleasers, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to bold and authentic flavors.

6. Punjab Grill

Location: 35, 5th Floor, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road

Cuisine: North Indian, Mughlai

Why Punjab Grill: For a regal dining experience and a taste of North Indian royalty, Punjab Grill is the destination of choice. The opulent ambiance sets the stage for a feast fit for a king. The Tandoori Duck and Dal Punjab Grill are exemplary dishes that showcase the culinary finesse of the chefs. The curated menu and impeccable service make it a top choice for those seeking an upscale dining experience.

7. Karim’s

Location: 121, 3rd Floor, Brigade Road

Cuisine: Mughlai, North Indian

Why Karim’s: Karim’s, a legendary name in Mughlai cuisine, has found its place in the heart of Bangalore. Known for its rich and flavorful dishes, Karim’s offers an authentic taste of the North. The Mutton Seekh Kebab and Chicken Korma are signature dishes that have garnered a loyal fan base. The restaurant’s rustic charm and aromatic curries make it a must-visit for Mughlai enthusiasts.

8. The Fatty Bao

Location: 610, 3rd Floor, 12th A Main Road, Indiranagar

Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Thai

Why The Fatty Bao: For a fusion of Asian flavors with a modern twist, The Fatty Bao is a culinary adventure. While primarily known for its innovative sushi and dim sums, the non-vegetarian options are equally impressive. The Korean Fried Chicken Bao and Prawn Tempura Roll are standout dishes that showcase the restaurant’s commitment to bold and unique flavors.

9. Empire Restaurant

Location: Multiple Outlets (Church Street, Koramangala, and more)

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Arabian

Why Empire Restaurant: A culinary institution in Bangalore, Empire has been serving up delectable non-vegetarian fare for decades. Known for its diverse menu, Empire caters to a wide range of tastes, offering everything from succulent kebabs to flavorful biryanis. The Chicken Shawarma and Hyderabadi Biryani are iconic dishes that have stood the test of time.

10. Toscano

Location: 2nd Floor, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean

Why Toscano: For a taste of Italy in the heart of Bangalore, Toscano is the destination of choice. While renowned for its Italian vegetarian fare, the restaurant’s non-vegetarian options are equally impressive. The Grilled Chicken Breast and Seafood Risotto are exemplary dishes that showcase the culinary finesse of the chefs. The elegant ambiance and curated wine list make Toscano a top choice for a romantic evening or a celebration.

11. Barbeque Nation

Location: Multiple Outlets (Koramangala, Indiranagar, and more)

Cuisine: Barbecue, Indian

Why Barbeque Nation: For a hands-on and interactive dining experience, Barbeque Nation is a top choice. Known for its live grills on the table, the restaurant offers an unlimited buffet of grilled meats and kebabs. The concept of grilling your food at the table adds a fun element to the dining experience, making it a favorite among families and groups of friends.

12. Koshy’s Bar and Restaurant

Location: 39, St. Marks Road

Cuisine: Multi-Cuisine

Why Koshy’s: Steeped in history, Koshy’s is an iconic establishment that has been serving Bangaloreans since 1940. While the menu caters to various tastes, the non-vegetarian options are notable. The Chicken Roast and Beef Steak are timeless classics that reflect the restaurant’s commitment to quality and tradition. The vintage ambiance adds a nostalgic touch to the dining experience.

13. Meghana Foods

Location: Multiple Outlets (Residency Road, Koramangala, and more)

Cuisine: Andhra, Biryani

Why Meghana Foods: Meghana Foods is synonymous with flavorful Andhra cuisine and aromatic biryanis. The restaurant’s fiery Chicken Biryani and Gongura Chicken are beloved by spice enthusiasts. The generous portions and affordable prices make Meghana Foods a go-to spot for those craving a hearty and satisfying non-vegetarian meal.

14. Kakapo

Location: 101, 1st Floor, 4th B Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala

Cuisine: Steakhouse, Continental

Why Kakapo: For steak aficionados, Kakapo is a hidden gem in Bangalore. The restaurant specializes in succulent steaks prepared to perfection. The ambiance is cozy and intimate, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or a celebratory meal. The Peppered Tenderloin Steak and Grilled Lamb Chops are must-try dishes that showcase the restaurant’s dedication to quality meat.

15. Bon South

Location: 131, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala

Cuisine: South Indian, Coastal, Mangalorean

Why Bon South: Bon South is a culinary delight for those seeking a fusion of South Indian and coastal flavors. The restaurant’s non-vegetarian buffet features an array of dishes, including Mangalorean Chicken Curry and Kerala Fish Curry. The live counters and diverse menu make it a top choice for those who appreciate variety and authenticity.

16. Tunday Kababi

Location: 164, Commercial Street

Cuisine: Awadhi, North Indian

Why Tunday Kababi: With a legacy dating back to the streets of Lucknow, Tunday Kababi brings the rich flavors of Awadhi cuisine to Bangalore. The Galouti Kebabs and Lucknawi Biryani are star attractions that have earned the restaurant a dedicated following. The rustic ambiance and traditional recipes make Tunday Kababi a must-visit for those craving the authentic taste of North India.

17. The Permit Room

Location: 23, 1st Floor, MG Road

Cuisine: South Indian, Asian, Mangalorean

Why The Permit Room: The Permit Room is a trendy and vibrant spot that seamlessly blends South Indian and Asian flavors. The restaurant’s non-vegetarian offerings, such as the Chicken Ghee Roast and Kerala Beef Fry, are flavorful and well-executed. The modern ambiance and creative cocktails add a contemporary touch to the dining experience.

18. Shivaji Military Hotel

Location: 717, 5th Main Road, M.G. Road Area

Cuisine: South Indian, Biryani

Why Shivaji Military Hotel: For an authentic taste of military-style cuisine, Shivaji Military Hotel is a unique destination. Known for its Donne Biryani and Nati Koli Curry, the restaurant offers a rustic and flavorful experience. The no-frills ambiance adds to the charm, making it a favorite among those seeking traditional and hearty non-vegetarian fare.

19. Arbor Brewing Company

Location: 8, 3rd Floor, Allied Grande Plaza, Magrath Road

Cuisine: American, Continental, Asian

Why Arbor Brewing Company: Arbor Brewing Company, or ABC as it’s fondly known, is a popular brewpub that combines craft beers with a diverse food menu. The non-vegetarian options, including the ABC Chicken Wings and Lamb Kofta, complement the brewery’s selection of beers. The vibrant ambiance and rooftop seating make it an ideal spot for a relaxed evening with friends.

20. Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Location: Multiple Outlets (Lalbagh Road, Indiranagar, and more)

Cuisine: South Indian, Mangalorean

Why Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR): While MTR is renowned for its vegetarian breakfast items, its non-vegetarian offerings are equally impressive. The Chicken Pulao and Mutton Biryani are crafted with the same attention to detail that has made MTR a household name. The old-world charm and legacy of MTR add a nostalgic touch to the dining experience.

21. Windmills Craftworks

Location: 331, Road, 5B, EPIP Zone, Whitefield

Cuisine: European, Mediterranean, Italian

Why Windmills Craftworks: For a tranquil dining experience with a view, Windmills Craftworks is an oasis in Whitefield. The restaurant’s non-vegetarian offerings, such as the Grilled Lamb Chops and Seafood Risotto, are expertly prepared. The jazz performances and serene ambiance make it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a laid-back brunch.

22. Fisherman’s Wharf

Location: Multiple Outlets (Sarjapur Road, Lavelle Road, and more)

Cuisine: Goan, Seafood

Why Fisherman’s Wharf: Bringing the flavors of Goa to Bangalore, Fisherman’s Wharf is a seafood haven. The restaurant’s coastal ambiance and seafood-centric menu, including the Prawn Balchão and Goan Fish Curry, transport diners to the shores of Goa. The live music and vibrant setting make it an ideal spot for a leisurely meal with friends.

23. The Tao Terraces

Location: 5th Floor, 1 MG Road Mall, MG Road

Cuisine: Asian, Thai, Japanese

Why The Tao Terraces: For an upscale dining experience with a Pan-Asian flair, The Tao Terraces is a top choice. The restaurant’s non-vegetarian options, such as the Thai Red Curry with Prawns and Teriyaki Glazed Chicken, showcase a fusion of bold flavors. The rooftop setting and sophisticated ambiance make it a popular spot for a special occasion or a romantic dinner.

24. Bo Tai QV

Location: 3, Sankey Road

Cuisine: Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese

Why Bo Tai QV: Bo Tai QV is a haven for those seeking the bold and vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia. The restaurant’s non-vegetarian options, including the Vietnamese Grilled Chicken and Thai Basil Beef, are a testament to its commitment to authenticity. The modern ambiance and creative cocktails add to the overall dining experience.

25. Hard Rock Cafe

Location: 40, St. Marks Road

Cuisine: American, Tex-Mex

Why Hard Rock Cafe: Known worldwide for its rock ‘n’ roll ambiance, Hard Rock Cafe in Bangalore is no exception. While famous for its burgers and rock-themed decor, the non-vegetarian options, such as the Hickory-Smoked Barbecue Combo and New York Strip Steak, are equally impressive. The lively atmosphere and live music make it a go-to spot for a night of fun and feasting.

Conclusion: A Carnivore’s Paradise Beckons

Bangalore’s culinary landscape is a testament to its cosmopolitan nature, and the non-vegetarian offerings in the city are a culinary journey waiting to be explored. From local favorites to global cuisines, the top non-vegetarian-only restaurants listed above cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of spicy Andhra cuisine, succulent kebabs, or aromatic biryanis, Bangalore has a non-vegetarian delight for every palate.

Embark on a gastronomic adventure, savor the flavors, and let the city’s culinary prowess leave an indelible mark on your taste buds. From the bustling streets of Brigade Road to the serene ambiance of Whitefield, each restaurant on this list offers a unique and memorable dining experience. So, gather your fellow food enthusiasts, explore the diverse culinary offerings of Bangalore, and revel in the joy of savoring carnivorous delights in this gastronomic paradise.