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Nestled along the scenic coastline of Visakhapatnam, Lumbini Park is a picturesque urban park that offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With its lush greenery, captivating views of the Bay of Bengal, and a host of recreational activities, Lumbini Park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. In this detailed guide, we will explore the various facets of Lumbini Park in Vizag, from its historical significance to the diverse range of attractions it offers.

Origins and Historical Significance

1.1 Birth of Lumbini Park

  • Inauguration: Lumbini Park was inaugurated on August 9, 1994, by the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu.
  • Development: The park has undergone several phases of development, transforming it into a well-maintained and vibrant green space.

1.2 Inspired by Lumbini, Nepal

  • Buddhist Connection: The park draws inspiration from Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, who later became Buddha. This influence is reflected in the park’s serene ambiance.

Location and Accessibility

2.1 Strategic Location

  • Adjacent to the Sea: Lumbini Park is strategically located along the seashore, providing visitors with breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal.
  • Proximity to Attractions: The park is situated in close proximity to other popular attractions in Visakhapatnam, making it a convenient stop for tourists.

2.2 Accessibility

  • Transport Options: Visitors can reach Lumbini Park by various modes of transportation, including private vehicles, taxis, and auto-rickshaws.
  • Public Transport: The park is well-connected by public buses, offering an affordable and eco-friendly option for commuting.

Attractions within Lumbini Park

3.1 Musical Fountain

  • Synchronized Performances: The musical fountain in Lumbini Park is a major attraction, offering mesmerizing performances with water, light, and music in perfect synchronization.
  • Evening Shows: Evening shows are particularly popular, providing a magical experience as the fountain comes to life with colorful displays.

3.2 Boating Facilities

  • Pedal Boats: Lumbini Park features a boating facility where visitors can enjoy a leisurely pedal boat ride on the serene waters.
  • Picturesque Views: Boaters are treated to panoramic views of the sea and the lush surroundings, creating a tranquil and scenic experience.

3.3 Floral Clock

  • Botanical Timepiece: The floral clock within Lumbini Park is a unique attraction, showcasing a clock face adorned with vibrant flowers.
  • Photography Spot: Visitors often use the floral clock as a backdrop for memorable photographs, adding to the park’s charm.

3.4 Shanti Ashram

  • Meditation Spot: Shanti Ashram within the park provides a peaceful environment for meditation and contemplation.
  • Symbol of Peace: The ashram symbolizes the pursuit of inner peace and spiritual harmony, offering a quiet retreat for those seeking solace.

3.5 Play Area for Children

  • Kid-Friendly Zone: Lumbini Park includes a dedicated play area for children, equipped with swings, slides, and other recreational facilities.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Families often visit the park to enjoy quality time together, with children engaging in playful activities.

Leisure and Recreational Activities

4.1 Walking and Jogging Tracks

  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Lumbini Park provides well-maintained walking and jogging tracks, attracting fitness enthusiasts looking for a scenic outdoor workout.
  • Early Morning Strolls: The park is a favorite spot for early morning walkers, offering a refreshing start to the day.

4.2 Picnic Areas

  • Green Lawns: Ample green spaces and well-manicured lawns make Lumbini Park an ideal spot for picnics and family gatherings.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: Visitors can spread out blankets and enjoy a leisurely picnic while taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

4.3 Yoga Sessions

  • Yoga in Nature: Some visitors engage in yoga sessions within the park, utilizing the serene ambiance to practice mindfulness and enhance their well-being.
  • Organized Events: Occasionally, Lumbini Park hosts organized yoga events, inviting practitioners of all levels to participate.

Practical Information for Visitors

5.1 Entry Fees and Timings

  • Entry Charges: Lumbini Park may have nominal entry charges, and fees for specific attractions within the park, such as boating or the musical fountain, may apply.
  • Operating Hours: The park generally opens in the morning and closes in the evening. Check local information sources for specific timings.

5.2 Local Etiquette

  • Respect for Nature: Visitors are encouraged to maintain the cleanliness of the park by disposing of waste responsibly and respecting the natural environment.
  • Quiet Zones: Certain areas within the park, especially around Shanti Ashram, may be designated as quiet zones to preserve the peaceful atmosphere.

5.3 Safety Measures

  • Boating Guidelines: If partaking in boating activities, adhere to safety guidelines provided by park authorities and wear life jackets for added safety.
  • Supervision of Children: Parents and guardians are advised to supervise children closely, especially near water bodies and play areas.

5.4 Photography Policies

  • Photography Permitted: Photography is generally permitted within Lumbini Park, but visitors should be mindful of others and avoid disturbing the natural tranquility.
  • Special Permissions: For professional photography or special events, it’s advisable to check with park authorities regarding any necessary permissions.

After Your Visit

6.1 Souvenirs and Mementos

  • Gift Shops: Some parks have gift shops offering souvenirs and mementos. Consider purchasing a small token to remember your visit to Lumbini Park.

6.2 Share Your Experience

  • Social Media: Share your experiences at Lumbini Park on social media platforms, allowing others to discover and appreciate the beauty of this serene urban oasis.

6.3 Supporting Conservation Efforts

  • Donations: Some parks have conservation programs or donation initiatives. Consider contributing to these efforts to support the maintenance and preservation of natural spaces.


Lumbini Park in Vizag is not just a green haven; it’s a sensory retreat where the symphony of nature blends seamlessly with recreational offerings. From the tranquil shores and boating experiences to the vibrant musical fountain, the park caters to diverse preferences, making it a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike. Whether you seek relaxation, family-friendly activities, or simply a scenic stroll, Lumbini Park invites you to immerse yourself in its natural charm and enjoy a rejuvenating escape by the sea.