Things to do in Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry, situated on the banks of the Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh, India, is a city rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. Known for its historical landmarks, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes, Rajahmundry offers a diverse range of activities for locals and travelers alike. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore a variety of things to do in Rajahmundry to make the most of your visit.

1. Papi Hills Boat Tour:

Embark on an enchanting boat tour to Papi Hills, a scenic region along the Godavari River. The boat journey takes you through lush greenery, serene waters, and picturesque landscapes. Marvel at the beauty of the hills, explore caves, and witness the breathtaking scenery. Boat tours usually offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a peaceful and immersive experience.

2. Godavari Bridge:

Visit the iconic Godavari Bridge, also known as the Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge, which spans the Godavari River. The bridge is not only a significant engineering marvel but also offers stunning views of the river and surrounding landscapes. Take a leisurely stroll on the bridge, capture scenic photographs, and enjoy the refreshing breeze from the river.

3. Cultural Exploration at Kotilingeswara Temple:

Explore the spiritual and architectural beauty of the Kotilingeswara Temple, located on the banks of the Godavari. This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and features numerous lingams. The serene ambiance and intricate carvings make it a peaceful place for spiritual reflection.

4. Dhavaleswaram Barrage:

Witness the grandeur of the Dhavaleswaram Barrage, an engineering marvel that controls the flow of the Godavari River. Take a stroll along the barrage, enjoy the panoramic views, and witness the sunset for a mesmerizing experience. The surrounding gardens offer a peaceful environment for a leisurely day out.

5. Rajahmundry Pushkar Ghat:

Visit the Rajahmundry Pushkar Ghat, a sacred bathing ghat along the Godavari River. This is a significant pilgrimage site, especially during the Pushkaralu festival. Take a dip in the holy waters, explore the vibrant market on the ghat, and witness the religious rituals that add to the cultural richness of the place.

6. Rajahmundry Iskcon Temple:

Pay a visit to the ISKCON Temple in Rajahmundry, dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple complex is adorned with beautiful architecture, sculptures, and vibrant paintings that depict the life of Lord Krishna. Attend the daily rituals, soak in the spiritual atmosphere, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

7. Markandeya Temple:

Explore the Markandeya Temple, an ancient shrine known for its historical and architectural significance. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is believed to have been visited by the sage Markandeya. The intricate carvings and religious fervor make it a must-visit for those interested in heritage and spirituality.

8. Rajahmundry Museum:

Delve into the history and culture of Rajahmundry by visiting the city’s museum. The Rajahmundry Museum showcases artifacts, sculptures, and exhibits that highlight the region’s rich heritage. Gain insights into the art, history, and traditions that have shaped the identity of Rajahmundry.

9. Maredumilli Forests:

For nature enthusiasts, a trip to the Maredumilli Forests is a must. Located near Rajahmundry, these lush green forests are home to diverse flora and fauna. Explore trekking trails, visit waterfalls, and enjoy the serenity of nature. The canopied cover of the forests provides a cool escape from the city’s heat.

10. Kadiyapulanka Bird Sanctuary:

Bird watchers and nature lovers can visit the Kadiyapulanka Bird Sanctuary, known for its avian diversity. The sanctuary is a habitat for various species of migratory and resident birds. Take a boat ride through the waterways and witness the beauty of the feathered inhabitants in their natural habitat.

11. Shopping at Kotipalli Bus Stand Market:

Experience the local culture and vibrant market life by exploring the Kotipalli Bus Stand Market. This bustling market is a great place to shop for traditional handloom products, ethnic wear, and local crafts. Engage with local artisans, savor street food, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere.

12. Rajahmundry Ghats at Night:

Experience the magical charm of the Godavari River at night by visiting the ghats. The beautifully illuminated ghats create a mesmerizing scene. Take a peaceful stroll along the riverbanks, enjoy the cool breeze, and soak in the tranquility as the city lights reflect on the water.

13. Attend a Cultural Event:

Check the local events calendar for cultural festivals, dance performances, and music concerts. Rajahmundry often hosts cultural events that showcase the traditional dance forms, music, and art of the region. Attending these events provides an opportunity to witness the vibrant cultural heritage of Rajahmundry.

14. Dine at Local Restaurants:

Savor the flavors of Andhra cuisine by dining at local restaurants. Rajahmundry is known for its spicy and flavorful dishes. Try local specialties such as Pesarattu, Bamboo Chicken Biryani, and the famous Andhra Thali. Engage in a culinary adventure and explore the diverse tastes the city has to offer.

15. River Cruise on Godavari:

Take a scenic river cruise on the Godavari for a unique perspective of Rajahmundry. Enjoy the panoramic views, witness the picturesque landscapes, and experience the tranquility of the river. Some cruises offer cultural programs and traditional performances, adding an extra layer to the experience.

16. Visit Pattiseema:

Explore Pattiseema, a small village near Rajahmundry known for its picturesque landscapes and the Pattiseema Project. The project involves the lifting of water from the Godavari River to the Polavaram right bank canal. The location offers scenic views of the river and surrounding greenery.

17. Pancharama Kshetras Tour:

Embark on a spiritual journey by visiting the Pancharama Kshetras, a set of five ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. These temples are located in different parts of Andhra Pradesh, and a guided tour can take you through these sacred sites, offering a glimpse into the religious and architectural heritage of the region.

18. Participate in Festivals:

If your visit coincides with local festivals, such as the Godavari Pushkaralu or other cultural celebrations, consider participating in the festivities. Festivals offer a unique opportunity to witness traditional rituals, cultural performances, and the joyous spirit of the community.

19. Photography at Dowleswaram Barrage Garden:

For photography enthusiasts, the Dowleswaram Barrage Garden is a scenic location to capture the beauty of the Godavari River and the surroundings. The well-maintained gardens provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing memorable moments.

20. Relax at Resorts along the Godavari:

Indulge in a relaxing stay at one of the resorts along the Godavari River. Many resorts offer a tranquil environment, spa facilities, and scenic views. Unwind amidst nature and enjoy the soothing sounds of the river for a rejuvenating experience.

Tips for Exploring Rajahmundry:

  1. Local Etiquette:
    • Respect local customs and traditions. While exploring temples and sacred sites, dress modestly and follow any specific guidelines provided.
  2. Climate Considerations:
    • Rajahmundry experiences a tropical climate, so dress accordingly and stay hydrated, especially during the warmer months.
  3. Local Cuisine Caution:
    • Andhra cuisine is known for its spice levels. If you’re not accustomed to very spicy food, consider asking for a milder version or tasting a small portion before committing to a full meal.
  4. Transportation Options:
    • Rajahmundry has good road and rail connectivity. Explore the city using local transportation options like auto-rickshaws or taxis. Plan your itinerary to include popular attractions that are easily accessible.
  5. Cultural Sensitivity:
    • Be culturally sensitive and seek permission before taking photographs, especially at religious sites and in local communities.
  6. Language:
    • While Telugu is the primary language, English and Hindi are understood in most tourist areas. Learning a few basic Telugu phrases can enhance your interaction with locals.
  7. Local Markets:
    • Bargain responsibly when shopping in local markets. It’s a common practice, but maintain respect and fairness in your negotiations.
  8. Weather Awareness:
    • Check the weather forecast before planning outdoor activities. The monsoon season can bring heavy rains, affecting travel plans.


Rajahmundry, with its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and spiritual significance, offers a diverse range of activities for visitors. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical landmarks, immersing yourself in spirituality, or enjoying the scenic landscapes, Rajahmundry has something to offer for everyone. Plan your itinerary based on your interests, and embrace the unique experiences that this vibrant city on the banks of the Godavari River has to offer.