Budget Friendly Places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, beckons travelers with its rich history, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine. In this budget traveler’s guide, we unveil the hidden gems and thrifty delights that make Hyderabad an affordable yet enriching destination.

Charminar – Iconic Beauty at No Cost

Historical Grandeur:

  • Begin your budget-friendly journey in the heart of Hyderabad at Charminar, an iconic monument that stands as a symbol of the city’s heritage.
  1. Free Entry: Explore the exterior of Charminar without spending a penny. Admire the intricate architecture and immerse yourself in the bustling bazaars surrounding this historical masterpiece.
  2. Meander Through Laad Bazaar: Wander through the adjacent Laad Bazaar, known for its vibrant shops selling bangles, textiles, and street food. While shopping might cost, the experience is priceless.

2: Chowmohallah Palace – Royal Splendor on a Budget

Regal Retreat:

  • Experience the opulence of the Nizams without denting your wallet at Chowmohallah Palace.
  1. Budget Entry Fee: Pay a modest entry fee to explore the grandeur of Chowmohallah Palace. Marvel at the vintage cars, ornate clothing, and the majestic architecture that transports you to the era of the Nizams.
  2. Photography Heaven: Capture the regal ambiance without any additional charges for photography. The sprawling courtyards and elegant halls provide a feast for both history enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts.

3: Shilparamam – Craft Village Extravaganza

Cultural Showcase:

  • Shilparamam, located in the heart of Hyderabad, is a village dedicated to showcasing India’s rich arts and crafts.
  1. Free Entry on Weekdays: Visit Shilparamam on weekdays to enjoy free entry. Stroll through the village and witness traditional craft demonstrations, ranging from pottery to handloom weaving.
  2. Artisan Interaction: Engage with local artisans who often showcase their skills. Bargain for budget-friendly souvenirs directly from the craftsmen, making it a unique and economical shopping experience.

4: Lumbini Park and Hussain Sagar Lake – Nature’s Gift for Free

Scenic Serenity:

  • Indulge in the natural beauty of Hyderabad at Lumbini Park and Hussain Sagar Lake without spending a dime.
  1. Free Entry to Lumbini Park: Enjoy a leisurely stroll through Lumbini Park, offering picturesque views of the Hussain Sagar Lake. The park is free to enter, providing a tranquil escape from the urban hustle.
  2. Khairatabad Buddha Statue: Marvel at the serene Khairatabad Buddha Statue from the park’s vantage points. The majestic statue is a sight to behold, especially during sunset.

5: Eat Street at Necklace Road – Culinary Delights on a Budget

Gastronomic Feast:

  • Necklace Road’s Eat Street is a haven for budget travelers seeking a diverse culinary experience.
  1. Budget-Friendly Street Food: Savor a variety of street food from the numerous stalls lining Necklace Road. From local chaat to South Indian delicacies, Eat Street offers a gastronomic journey without straining your wallet.
  2. Lakeside Dining: Opt for lakeside dining at the affordable eateries along Necklace Road. Enjoy your meal with a stunning view of Hussain Sagar Lake, creating a perfect blend of flavors and ambiance.

6: NTR Gardens – Affordable Amusement

Family Fun:

  • NTR Gardens, named after the iconic actor and politician Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, offers affordable amusement for families and solo travelers alike.
  1. Nominal Entry Fee: Pay a nominal entry fee to access the gardens and enjoy the various attractions within, including a toy train ride and a Japanese garden.
  2. Musical Fountain Show: End your day at NTR Gardens with the spectacular Musical Fountain Show. The synchronized display of water, lights, and music is an enchanting experience, and the show is often free or comes with a minimal charge.

7: Osmania Arts College – Artistic Heritage at No Cost

Architectural Marvel:

  • Osmania Arts College, a landmark in Hyderabad, stands as a testimony to the city’s artistic and architectural heritage.
  1. Free Campus Exploration: Wander through the historic campus of Osmania Arts College for a glimpse into its architectural splendor. The building’s Indo-Saracenic style is a treat for architecture enthusiasts.
  2. Photography Paradise: Capture the intricate details and majestic facades of the college without any entry fee. The campus is a popular spot for photographers seeking a blend of history and aesthetics.

8: Jalavihar Water Park – Aquatic Thrills on a Budget

Summer Escape:

  • Beat the heat without burning a hole in your pocket at Jalavihar Water Park.
  1. Affordable Entry Fee: While there’s a modest entry fee, Jalavihar offers budget-friendly packages for aquatic thrills. The water park provides a refreshing respite, with numerous slides and pools for visitors of all ages.
  2. Combo Offers: Avail combo offers that include entry, food, and even locker facilities at discounted rates. Check for special promotions and group discounts for added savings.


Hyderabad offers an array of budget-friendly places for travelers, from historical sites to delicious street food. With a little planning and an eye for budget-friendly activities, you can enjoy the city without breaking the bank.