places to visit in daringbadi

Daringbadi, often referred to as the “Kashmir of Odisha,” is a beautiful hill station in the Kandhamal district of Odisha, India. Known for its lush green landscapes, coffee plantations, and pleasant climate, Daringbadi offers a refreshing retreat for nature lovers. Here are some places to visit in and around Daringbadi:

1. Daringbadi Hill Station:

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Daringbadi hill station, surrounded by thick forests and coffee plantations. The hill station itself offers panoramic views and a pleasant climate, making it a perfect destination for relaxation.

2. Emu Farm:

Visit the Emu Farm to see these unique flightless birds up close. It’s an interesting experience for both adults and children, providing insights into emu farming.

3. Doluri River:

Explore the Doluri River, a serene waterbody surrounded by lush greenery. It’s an excellent spot for picnics and offers a peaceful environment for relaxation.

4. Nature Park:

Spend some time in the Nature Park, a well-maintained area with manicured lawns, flower beds, and walking trails. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll amidst nature.

5. Lover’s Point:

Lover’s Point is a vantage point that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. It’s a popular spot for couples and nature enthusiasts.

6. Belghar Sanctuary:

Take a trip to the nearby Belghar Sanctuary, known for its diverse flora and fauna. The sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife, and the scenic drive to reach there is an adventure in itself.

7. Daringbadi Coffee Plantations:

Explore the coffee plantations in and around Daringbadi. Some plantations offer guided tours where you can learn about the coffee-making process and enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee.

8. Putudi Waterfall:

Visit Putudi Waterfall, located amidst dense forests. The waterfall is a popular attraction and offers a picturesque setting for nature lovers and photographers.

9. Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary:

For wildlife enthusiasts, the Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary is worth exploring. It’s home to various species of animals and birds, providing an opportunity for wildlife spotting.

10. Daringbadi Pine Forest:

Take a peaceful walk through the Daringbadi Pine Forest. The tall pine trees create a serene atmosphere, and the forest is an excellent place for birdwatching.

11. Badangia Waterfall:

Badangia Waterfall is another natural attraction in the region. The cascading waters amidst the green surroundings make it a refreshing spot for a day outing.

12. Hanuman Temple:

Visit the Hanuman Temple, located on the highest peak in Daringbadi. The temple offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and is a spiritual and scenic destination.

13. Patora Reservoir:

Explore the Patora Reservoir, a serene water body surrounded by hills. It’s a calm and peaceful place, perfect for a day of relaxation and boating.

Daringbadi, with its natural beauty and tranquil surroundings, is a hidden gem in Odisha. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a romantic getaway, Daringbadi has something to offer for every type of traveler.