affordable resorts in kumarakom

Kumarakom, located in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, offers a range of budget-friendly resorts for travelers seeking a serene and affordable retreat. Here are some budget-friendly resorts in Kumarakom:

  1. Paradise Resorts:
    • Description: A peaceful resort with comfortable rooms, scenic views, and budget-friendly rates. Enjoy the lush green surroundings and proximity to Vembanad Lake.
    • Location: Kumarakom North, Kumarakom.
  2. Backwater Retreat Theme House:
    • Description: A budget-friendly resort with traditional Kerala architecture, offering tranquil surroundings and Ayurvedic spa treatments.
    • Location: Cheepungal, Kumarakom.
  3. Lakesong Kumarakom:
    • Description: A charming resort with affordable accommodations, lakeside views, and an in-house restaurant serving delicious Kerala cuisine.
    • Location: New Nazarath Road, Kumarakom.
  4. Ashirwad Heritage Resorts:
    • Description: A budget-friendly resort with comfortable rooms and a serene ambiance. It offers easy access to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.
    • Location: Cheepungal, Kumarakom.
  5. Tharavadu Heritage Home:
    • Description: A heritage-style budget resort offering an authentic Kerala experience with budget-friendly rates and traditional hospitality.
    • Location: Thazhathangady, Kumarakom.
  6. Kodianthara Heritage Home:
    • Description: A budget-friendly heritage home with cozy rooms and a garden, providing a tranquil atmosphere near the backwaters.
    • Location: Kodianthara, Kumarakom.
  7. Cocobay Resort:
    • Description: This budget-friendly resort offers comfortable cottages, an outdoor pool, and easy access to the backwaters.
    • Location: Cheepungal, Kumarakom.
  8. Backwater Ripples:
    • Description: While slightly higher in price, Backwater Ripples offers budget-friendly packages for tranquil backwater stays with modern amenities.
    • Location: Kumarakom West, Kumarakom.
  9. Soma Birds Lagoon:
    • Description: A budget-friendly resort offering comfortable cottages and proximity to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.
    • Location: Cheepungal, Kumarakom.
  10. Ashley’s Boathouse:
    • Description: A budget-friendly option for travelers seeking a unique experience in traditional Kerala houseboats.
    • Location: Kumarakom Jetty, Kumarakom.

These budget-friendly resorts in Kumarakom provide a comfortable and peaceful stay amidst the scenic beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. While their rates are affordable, they offer a memorable experience for travelers on a budget.