Wayanad in Kerala

Top 10 Places to Visit in Wayanad

Wayanad, a picturesque district in the southern state of Kerala, India, is known for its lush green landscapes, dense forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and a rich cultural heritage. Here is a detailed travel guide to help you explore the top 10 must-visit places in Wayanad.

1. Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad and offers a challenging trek for adventure enthusiasts. The heart-shaped Chembra Lake near the summit is a major attraction. The trek provides breathtaking views of lush tea gardens and the Western Ghats.

2. Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earth dam in India and a popular tourist spot. You can enjoy a boat ride on the dam’s reservoir, surrounded by the scenic Banasura hills. The view of the submerged islands is truly mesmerizing.

3. Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves are natural rock formations with ancient petroglyphs dating back to the Neolithic era. The caves offer an exciting trek up Ambukuthi Hill, and the panoramic views from the top are worth the effort.

4. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, leopards, and various species of birds. You can take a jeep safari or trek through the lush green forests to spot these animals in their natural habitat.

5. Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, surrounded by serene mountains and dense forests. It’s known for its unique location and the Papanasini River, which is believed to cleanse sins.

6. Pookode Lake

Pookode Lake is a natural freshwater lake surrounded by evergreen forests and rolling hills. You can enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the lake, and there’s also a freshwater aquarium and a children’s park nearby.

7. Soochipara Waterfalls

Soochipara Waterfalls, also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, are a great place to cool off. You can trek through a dense forest to reach the falls, which cascade down from a height of about 200 feet.

8. Kuruvadweep

Kuruvadweep is a group of islands on the Kabini River and is part of a protected river delta. It’s a haven for nature lovers, with lush greenery, diverse flora, and opportunities for bird watching. To explore the islands, you’ll need to take a bamboo raft.

9. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is another excellent spot for wildlife enthusiasts. It’s a Project Elephant site and offers jeep safaris where you can spot elephants, deer, bison, and various bird species.

10. Vythiri Village

Vythiri is a charming village in Wayanad known for its serene resorts and treehouse accommodations. Spend a day or two here to relax in the lap of nature and enjoy the tranquil ambiance.

Additional Tips:

  • Wayanad enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, but the best time to visit is from October to May.
  • Don’t forget to try the delicious Kerala cuisine, including traditional dishes like Malabar biryani and Kerala sadya.
  • Respect local customs and traditions when visiting temples and tribal areas.
  • Carry essentials like water, insect repellent, and comfortable hiking shoes for outdoor activities.