Gudisa Hill Station

Tucked away 42km from Maredumilli in the serene East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, Gudisa Hill Station beckons adventurers with its untouched beauty and remote charm.

Connecting Paths:

  1. Rajahmundry to Maredumilli (85Km)
  2. Kakinada to Maredumilli (115Km)
  3. Samarlakota to Maredumilli (95km)

Exploration Awaits:

  1. Rampa Waterfalls (Near Rampachodavaram, 4Km)
  2. Bhupathipalem Reservoir (On the way via Rampachodavaram to Maredumill)
  3. Jalatarangini Water Fall (6.5 Km from Maredumilli)
  4. Amurthadhara Water Fall (15km from Maredumill)
  5. Manyam View Point (30km from Maredumilli)
  6. Sokuleru Viewpoint (30Km from Maredumilli)

The Journey to Gudisa:

Gudisa, a hidden jewel, is 42km from Maredumilli. The journey unfolds along a single-lined road, adorned by trees and gentle streams. The road, in excellent condition, offers an effortless ride. The last 12km introduces the Gudisa Hill Ghat Road (6km), and the subsequent 6km, post Pusiwada Village, demands a bit more resilience.

Camping Amidst Nature:

For those seeking a unique camping experience, Gudisa opens its arms wide. To make your stay truly memorable, plan to reach the location by 4 PM, ensuring you catch the breathtaking sunset.

Given its remote nature, there are no nearby restaurants or shops. However, a small shop before the Gudisa Hill Ghat Road offers essentials like chocolates, biscuits, water, cool drinks, and cigarettes (though, be prepared for a slight extra charge, not exceeding 5 Rupees).

Bring your own food and water, as provisions are scarce at the top. Don’t forget to pack some firewood, available at Maredumilli Market, to set up a cozy night fire camp.

For those without camping gear, worry not. Rental tents are available in Maredumilli; however, consider opting for Decathlon Tents for better protection against the cool winds, as local brands might not provide sufficient insulation.

Immersing in Nature’s Symphony:

Gudisa isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience that resonates with nature’s melody. The surrounding hills, waterfalls, and viewpoints create a canvas of unparalleled beauty. The road less traveled to Gudisa promises not only adventure but also a retreat into the heart of unspoiled landscapes.

Tips for Adventurers:

  1. Pack Light: Given the remote location, travel light, and carry only essentials for a seamless camping experience.
  2. Early Arrival: Aim to reach Gudisa by 4 PM to witness the captivating sunset and set up your campsite before dark.
  3. Self-Sufficiency: Due to the lack of amenities, ensure you bring everything you need, from food to camping essentials.
  4. Local Interaction: Embrace the local culture and engage with the few establishments on the way, contributing to the community’s sustainable tourism.

Gudisa Hill Station is more than a place; it’s an escape, a rendezvous with nature’s wonders, and an opportunity to disconnect from the mundane. So, pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and let the hills of Gudisa weave their magic on your adventurous soul.